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Story Walks

 by Peter Stevenson

Image by Becky Payne

September 15 - January 16

"Storytelling is an art form that naturally involves the community in the issues that engage them. The sheer number of old fairytales I have collected from Cors Fochno and Borth tells me that folk tales have been a fundamental part of life in this area, and will continue to be In the future, as they will allow the locals to express their concerns and create their community." Peter Stevenson

Mae'r chwedleuwr Peter Stevenson eisoes wedi gwneud ffilm-stori am Y Borth ac mae'n gweithio gydag Adnoddau Naturiol Cymru i gynnig teithiau cerdded-stori o amgylch gwarchodfa ryfeddol a hudolus Cors Fochno. 


Storyteller, writer and book illustrator Peter Stevenson began his project with a performance at the Friendship Inn with Elsa Davies, ffidl, and Ceri Owen-Jones, telyn, telling the old fairytales about the Borth coast, tales of inundation, flooding and mermaids from centuries ago. He followed this by making a  film with the artist and filmmaker Jacob Whittaker, telling the story of Plant Rhys Ddwfn, a two hundred year old fairytale which tells of an environmental utopia in the middle of Cardigan Bay, not below the sea, but in our memory and fantasies. Peter then undertook a series of story-walks on Cors Fochno in the company of Reserve Manager, Justin Lyons of Natural Resources Wales, telling the fairytales unique to Borth and the Bog, of the Hen Wrach and the Old Toad, alongside the contemporary environmental stories of the Rosy Marsh Moth and the ures who inhabit the Cors now. Peter and Justin have taken several groups of people on these story-walks around the mysterious and magical Cors Fochno nature reserve, helping them to engage with an environment that depends on water.



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