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 by Ffion Jones

Image by Becky Payne

September 15 - January16

Mae Ffion Jones yn adeiladu'n raddol ar ei pherthynas bresennol â'r gymuned amaethyddol o amgylch Tal-y-bont i gynhyrchu ffilm a ffotograffiaeth a fydd yn edrych ar eu perthynas hwy â dŵr.  


Ffion is currently undertaking a moving image project in the Talybont area. Her work hopes to engage with the rural farming population, mainly those who farm alongside the river Leri. Her interest in agricultural policy and legislation, and the suggestion in recent years that reforestation in the Upland areas could alleviate flooding on lower ground, will inevitably become one aspect of her project. She is hoping to weave the past history of Talybont’s Woollen industry with ideas and personal anecdotes, stories and discussions gathered during her visits to local farms. Her intention is to enable her participants to reflect on the perhaps subtle ways that the river is encountered during day-to-day farm life, and to use the past as a way of engaging with possible futures. Her work often explores notions of farming as a culture within its own right; with particular ways of being, seeing and doing things within a rural environment. She is interested in translating the farming world for an outside public; keen to show that farming is a complex way of life. 

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