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Water Water Everywhere

 by Esther Tew

Image by Becky Payne

August - October 2015

Yn ystod y tymor cyntaf, sef hydref 2015, bydd yr arlunydd aml-gyfrwng Esther Tew, sy'n gweithio gyda gosodiadau sain a golau, yn arwain nifer o arlunwyr Y Borth i greu Water, Water Everywhere.    Y syniad yw creu oriel goridor awyr agored ar hyd stryd fawr Y Borth, gyda gwaith fydd yn edrych ar effeithiau codiad yn lefel y môr ar gymunedau ar draws y byd.  Bydd y project yn cynnwys trigolion lleol, yn cynnwys y bobl sy'n byw yn y tai ar y stryd a rhai sydd wedi bod yn ymwneud â'r cynlluniau i atal llifogydd yn Y Borth. 


During the first season, Autumn 2015, multi-media artist Esther Tew, who works with sound and light installations, will lead a collective of Borth artists to create Water, Water Everywhere. The idea is to create an outdoor corridor gallery along the high street in Borth, by projecting footage which explores the effects of sea-level rise on communities across the world. The project will involve local residents, including the people who live in the houses on the street and those who have been involved with the Borth flood defence schemes.

"We want to draw parallels between flooding and climate migration here in the UK and globally, creating lots of difficult but necessary conversations about the different scales of the disaster, the cause, the implications, etc. These are transferable as they relate to other towns in similar situations as flooding worsens across the UK and the world".

Water Water Everywhere on the map
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